3 Ways To Make Your Home Healthier For Someone With A Dust Allergy

Do you have a dust allergy? Does someone else in your home? Dust allergies can be extremely frustrating because it's difficult to get any kind of relief. Dust is everywhere, so there's always a possibility of having an allergic reaction. However, there are steps you can take to at least reduce exposure.

Dusting your furniture regularly is a good start. So too is regularly sweeping and mopping the floors. However, to really eliminate dust, you need to take steps to cut it off at its source. Here are three ways to do just that:

Get a better quality air filter. Your air conditioner and furnace actually pull air out of home and heat or cool it before recirculating it. When they do that, they pull the air through a filter, which is supposed to eliminate dust and other pollutants. Not all filters are the same though. A low-cost fiberglass filter will only eliminate the largest dust particles.

However, a pleated filter that has an electrostatic charge can attract and hold all sizes of dust particles. These filters may cost more than traditional fiberglass filters, but they'll also keep more dust out of your air.

Wash your bedding regularly. Your bed is a major source of dust and dirt. The reason is because you shed dead skin as you sleep. If you wear pajamas or other clothing in bed, those pieces of clothing shed fibers as your roll around. Then, when you take off the covers to get up, those dust fibers are released into the air.

Wash your sheets every week to reduce dust in your bedroom. For comforters, pillows, and other large bedding materials, take them outside and beat them with your hand or a paddle. That will release dust into the outside air rather than into your home.

Get your ducts cleaned. While a filter may reduce some of the dust in your air, it won't catch all of it. Some of that dust will move through your ducts and accumulate there. Then, every time your air conditioning or furnace kicks on, the fan will blow that dust back into your home. A dust cleaning service can use a variety of tools to remove that dust. As a bonus, a dust cleaning will also reduce the chances of mold and other pollutants invading your air.

Talk to a duct cleaning specialist about how duct cleaning can make your home healthier. They can inspect your duct work and recommend solutions.