Poor Hot Tub Jet Water Flow: What Can Cause It & The Average Cost For Repairs

Is there little to no water flowing out of the jets in your hot tub? Don't just assume that you need a new hot tub—it may just need a simple repair to bring it back to a working condition. In this article, you'll discover what can prevent hot tub jets from releasing water and how much a repair will be if necessary.

What Can Prevent Water Flow Out of Hot Tub Jets?

If the problem with a lack of water flow started after draining the hot tub so you can clean it, the problem may stem from air being in the plumbing lines. The problem is called an air lock, and it should be an easy fix. Simply locate the small screws that are on the pump to the hot tub and take them off. Removing the screws should allow the air to come out of the plumbing lines. You can then replace the screws and test the jets to see if water begins flowing again.

If you still have a water flow problem, make sure your jets are actually on. Someone in your household may have turned them off without your knowledge. There should be pressure nozzle near the jets that allows you to adjust the pressure or turn them on and off.

Another reason hot tub jets sometimes stop functioning is from an accumulation of the minerals in hard water. Calcification in and around the jets can create a blockage in the flow of water until the jets are cleaned. However, you will continue occasionally having the problem if you don't invest in a water softening system to prevent it.

How Much Does a Hot Tub Repair Cost?

Upon an inspection by a hot tub specialist, the cost of repairs will depend on what kinds of problems are found. You can expect to pay an estimated average of $3,589 for repairs to be made. After repairs are made, it is a good idea to invest in inspections on occasion to make sure parts are working right. Timely repairs can prevent small problems from turning major and possibly having to invest in a new hot tub.

Take good care of your hot tub jets, because they are the most important function of the spa. Don't forget to invest in a water treatment system to prevent calcification. Contact a hot tub specialist to bring your hot tub back to a working condition!