3 Reasons To Consider Permeable Paving Option For Your Landscape Design

Designing a landscape includes more than just plants and special outdoor features. The overall look also includes walkways, driveways, and paths to not only direct traffic around your yard, but also add that finishing touch to pull the look together. While there are many good pavers you can choose from, there are a few reasons why you might want to consider permeable paving materials for your landscape design. All types of permeable paving materials allow water to seep through a small opening where it can return as ground water.

 You Can Take Advantage Of Permeable Paving Benefits

Unlike other types of paving materials, permeable paving options do not direct water toward storm drains or other runoff points. Instead, they are made up of porous materials that allow water to flow through spaces in them. These paving options have become a popular way for homeowners to save water, help the environment, and beautify the landscape.

Permeable paving options also offer other benefits.

  • Prevent pollution and runoff
  • Effectively manage storm water
  • Replenish groundwater supply and water reservoirs
  • Provides a skid resistant surface

Permeable paving does cost more upfront and requires more maintenance, but it makes a good choice for environmentally conscience homeowners. 

You Have A Variety Of Choices

Permeable paving may sound bland and boring, but it is not. You don't have to sacrifice beauty for environmentally-friendly materials. You can create a design from brick, crushed stone, flagstone and even grass. The key is in how you use these materials.

You can create a walkway or path by laying stones of flagstone pavers over a bed of gravel and sand. This is known as dry laying. You can grow moss or grass in the cracks to create a living pavement design. 

Bricks make porous paving material when you lay so that there are gaps between them. The bricks naturally direct water to the cracks and open spaces in the clay material. 

Driveways made of grass pavers look similar to the lawn, but they are actually pavers that have grass seed sown in the spaces between pavers. The paver and grass roots make a durable surface, so grass paved driveways are ideal for residential driveways that need to stand up to heavy loads. 

Permeable Pavers Are Eco-Friendly

If you are considering a landscape design that is also sustainable, then permeable pavers are ideal for you. They are strong and durable, while helping prevent water shortages by directing water back into the earth. They also help reduce pollution by preventing water runoff. 

When designing your landscape, or working with a paving contractor, discuss the advantages and cost of creating your driveway, path, or patio using paving materials that give back to the environment. (For more information, contact Western Grade LLC)