How To Make Your Office More Welcoming To Clients

Many people dream of being business owners. The allure of "being the boss" is a strong one. However, as the boss, it's your job to make sure that everything runs smoothly. You need to ensure that your business remains a profitable enterprise. Making your office space attractive to potential clients is one way you can accomplish this. When customers feel at ease in a beautiful, well-kept space, they are more likely to trust you and your business. Here are a few tips to your office more welcoming:

1. Provide a comfortable waiting area.

If your clients will be waiting for any length of time, consider providing a small waiting room. It needn't be a big space; a small corner of your lobby will do. 

  • Provide at least a few cushioned chairs. Hard-backed chairs are often rigid and uncomfortable. You should strive to make your customer's wait in your office as pleasant as possible so they remember your business fondly.
  • Set out some reading material so clients can entertain themselves while they wait. Consider setting out some of your company's promotional material. Brochures advertising your latest products and services can pique your clients' interest in your offerings. 

2. Offer refreshments.

Refreshments are a nice way to show your clients that you value their business.

  • Your offerings don't have to be expensive: a pot of coffee next to a stack of styrofoam cups, some creamer, and sugar is an excellent start. Your clients can feel free to indulge themselves while they wait, and the coffee will help stave off grumpiness from clients who haven't yet had their morning caffeine fix.
  • For those with sweet tooths, individually wrapped candies is also a nice option. Place them in an elegant glass bowl for extra decorative appeal.

3. Keep your office clean and tidy.

Nothing will send your customers away faster than an ill-kept work environment. Keeping your office neat and clean communicates a high level of professionalism. It shows clients that you take your work seriously and assures them that they are in good hands when working with your company.

  • Consider hiring janitorial contractors to service your business regularly. Having professionals like Jones Boys Maintenance Co. thoroughly clean your office a few times each week is one of the most cost-effective ways to boost your company's image.
  • Place waste baskets strategically throughout your office building. Easily accessible trash cans make people more likely to properly dispose of their garbage, and in this case, prevention is better than a cure.

First impressions count. Make sure your business makes an excellent impression on your clients from the moment they step through the door. These three simple tips will make your office more welcoming while setting your clients at ease. It's an inexpensive and easy way to improve your office's image with potential customers.