How To Prevent Water Damage On A Flat Roof

If your business has ugly stains on the interior ceiling, chances are it is due to a problem with a flat roof. Thankfully, these kinds of problems can be avoided with proper roof maintenance. Before bad weather comes through your area, you should check out your flat roof to make sure that there are not any compromised areas that could cause damage. These maintenance tips should help ensure the roof is in great condition and prevent water damage from happening.

Clean The Drains

A flat roof will have several places that need to be cleaned for the drains to run efficiently. The gutters, scuppers, and inner drains must all be inspected.

Gutters are found on traditional residential roofs and commercial flat roofs, so you are most likely already familiar with them. They hang off your flat roof, and will often fill with leaves that need to be cleared to keep the water flowing. Scuppers are the openings along a flat roof that let the water run off of it. They prevent water from pooling, but can also be clogged with debris like the gutters. Inner drains are placed in the middle of a flat roof, and connect to pipes that will drain the water. The inner drain openings can become clogged, and may require straining grates to be placed over them.

Repair Damaged Flashing

Joints of a flat roof are covered with a piece of weatherproof material called flashing. It's often found around chimneys, drains, and vents to prevent leaking. Unfortunately, the flashing can sometimes become weathered, which will let water in. Crumbling mortar around the flashing is a sign that it needs repair, which may require professional help if you don't know how to repair it yourself.

Eliminate All Standing Water

If there is an area of your roof where water is pooling, it can cause the roofing material to become overly saturated and cause a leak. Consider installing a solar powered roof pump that will get rid of the water from low spots, and prevent pooling from happening. The water can be routed to nearby drains, and there is no need to worry about running electrical lines since the pump is powered by sunlight.

Locate Holes That Need Repair

Take a walk around your flat roof and look for any holes that could be letting water in. If there are water marks where water was pooling, and has since disappeared, there is a chance that there is a hole located at the center of the rings of water.

By performing this kind of maintenance regularly, you can prevent water damage from happening. Contact a company like Bell Roof Co for more information.