Found Scratches In The Paint On Your Car? Learn How To Tell If They Can Be Buffed Out

There are many times when someone may accidentally rub the side of your car with a grocery cart or you may miss the lock when trying to unlock your door and accidentally scratch the paint with the key. These scratches can make your car look less attractive and could lead to damage to the exterior of your car. Fortunately, surface level scratches can often be buffed out to restore the car to its original condition. The following guide will walk you through the steps to take to determine if you have scratches that can be buffed or if the car simply needs to be repainted.

Wash Your Car

In order to get a good look at the scratches in the paint of your car, you need to have a clean surface to view. Gently wash your car with a cleaner that is designed to wash cars. Do not make the mistake of using dish washing detergent to wash your car, as it can often cause fine scratches to develop on the surface of your paint because it is not designed to wash that type of surface. Gently dry the car with a clean cloth.

Annotate the Scratches

Look over the paint closely. Take pictures of every scratch that you notice and keep a journal with the exact location of each scratch. If you do need to have the scratches buffed out, this will allow you to be sure that every one of them is removed when the buffing is complete.

Inspect Each Scratch

Next, look at each scratch closely. If you do not have great vision, use a magnifying glass to be sure that you can see the scratch. Auto paint is applied to vehicles in multiple layers. If you look at the scratch and can see that it goes through multiple layers of the paint and top coat, you will need to get the car repainted because buffing will not repair multiple layers of damage. If you see that the scratch is only one or two layers deep, the scratch should be able to be buffed out by a paint shop. If you see rust in the scratch, the car will have to be painted because rust cannot be buffed out of the paint.

Have the Car Buffed

If you notice that most of the paint can be buffed, you can take it to the paint shop to have them use a professional buffer on the surface of the car. The buffer will fill in the scratches so that you cannot even see them.

Once the car has been buffed, use the log you created to make sure that every scratch is gone. Having the paint on a car buffed out does not cost as much as it would to have the car painted, but you still want to make sure that you are getting what you paid for in the end.

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