Troubleshooting Your Garage Door Spring

Home ownership has the potential to lead you to conducting repairs and maintenance tasks on parts of a house that you may have never previously considered in need of repair. Most people assume that their garage door will always function smoothly and properly, but if damage to your garage door spring occurs, you could be facing a surprisingly serious repair.

Below, you'll find a guide to troubleshooting your garage door spring. Following these suggestions should allow you to avoid more serious repairs while simultaneously keeping your garage door stable and secure, guaranteeing that you can once again perform an unexpected task that allows you to be firmly in charge of maintaining your home.

Check the Spring Balance

If you use your garage every day, it's likely that you'll notice immediately when the motion of the door becomes unusual. A change in routine is naturally unsettling, so a slow, sluggish, or uneven garage door operation will likely be an early sign that something may be wrong.

In order to test the balance of your garage door spring, you should attempt to open and close the door manually. If doing so replicates the sluggish behavior, it's likely that the issue is with the spring rather than with the mechanical opener. An inability to smoothly open and close the door should result in a service call to guarantee the problem is fixed safely and correctly.

Look Out for Bent Brackets

Garages typically double as storage units for a wide variety of tools and items, and the foot traffic in and out of your garage can inadvertently risk damaging the spring mechanism. The spring brackets located at the bottom of the door may also be at risk for some vehicle damage if a car is pulled in with poor alignment.

If you notice any bending or dislocation of your spring brackets, you should be sure to have them repaired. Garage door springs are under tremendous tension, and making sure they remain stable is an important step in avoiding property damage and injury.

Check for Safety Cables

As mentioned above, garage door springs are under tremendous tension and can cause serious injury if they break. The development of safety cables helps to mitigate that risk by controlling a broken spring. Older garage door models, however, may not have this technology. If you have an older door and can't spot these cables, calling a professional like Dorsey Garage Doors and having them installed can be an important step in preventative maintenance.