5 Tips For Preventing Costly Water Restoration Work For Your Backyard Shed

Whether you live in an area that receives only minimal rainfall or you are used to regular downpours of rain, it is important that you take some extra steps to ensure that all of your property is safe from water damage. One part of the home that is often forgotten about is the shed. Since you may store anything from landscaping equipment to seasonal clothing inside, you will need to take special care to ensure that the contents of the shed are not damaged by water.

Avoid Accessing the Shed During Rainy Weather

While you may be used to using your shed whenever you need something, it is important that you do not open and close the doors when it is pouring outside. The rain can easily be tracked inside, getting the contents wet and leading to mold issues.

Take Care to Include Weatherproofing for Windows and Doors

The easiest way to ensure that your shed is safe from water seeping inside is through getting both the windows and doors waterproofed. This can be done by getting sealant put between any cracks and getting sill flashing put in when new windows are installed in the shed.

Choose the Surrounding Landscaping Carefully

The landscaping you get done in your backyard can make all the difference in the appearance of your yard and the value of the property. While vegetation can look lively when planted around your shed, you will want to avoid any plants and trees with intrusive roots, such as poplar trees and jasmine, that could end up causing issues for the shed when it rains.  

Include a Good Drainage System Around the Shed

When it begins to pour outside, you will need the water to be diverted away from the shed, especially if the yard has any kind of slant to it. Drainage systems are as simple as putting in a simple gutter system around the roof of the shed and ensuring that the water will not pool up at the foundation of the shed.

Perform an Annual Inspection Before the Rainy Season

Even with all the steps above, you could end up experiencing water damage if you do not take the time to inspect the shed each year. By looking over the foundation, siding, windows, and doors of the shed each year, you will be able to spot any problem areas that will need some care before the rain season begins.

Water damage can be avoided for your shed if you take the time to look into what kinds of changes can be made. With the right landscaping and waterproofing in mind, your shed can continue to stay in great shape in the years to follow. For more information about water damage, visit East Texas Roof Works & Sheet Metal LLC..