Ways That Architecture Affects Construction

Choosing a great construction company is obviously key to getting a great final product, but it's almost as important to choose an architect that will work well with your construction team. Here is some information on how architecture can affect your construction team.

It Affects the Material Cost... And the Labor Cost

Your architect will have a major hand in choosing the building's construction methods and materials, and they can effectively drive up the cost of your building by choosing materials that are in short supply for your construction company. The architect should check with your construction team to make sure that they have experience handling these building materials as well; a first-time installation of new building materials can lead to a longer learning curve and higher labor costs.

It Affects the Quality of the Final Product

The architect's plans are paramount to the construction team; they communicate the technical details to your construction workers and define the building's structural integrity. If at all possible, have a second architectural team look over the plans to make sure that they are clear. Your construction project manager should go over the plans with the architect in detail before any construction begins. In order to have a thorough idea of how the materials should come together, your construction team may need several drawings of each architectural element that show different angles of the project.

It Affects the Type of Consultants Needed

The architectural design can also create the need for a consultant, such as a structural engineer. If you would like to avoid hiring any extra consultants, talk with your home building team ahead of time to choose home elements that are straightforward in design.

It Affects the Project Timeline

Close communication between your architecture firm and your construction team will be a necessity throughout the project. If the building team has a question about the building plans, they will need a quick response time from the architects in order to keep the project on track. Before you sign a contract with an architecture firm, like R+D Architecture, you might want to ask about their average response time on requests for clarification.

As you can see, the right architecture firm can have a huge bearing on your construction project. Many construction teams have architects that they can recommend; if you choose a recommended architect you can guarantee that the team will have great communication during your construction project.