A Good Foundation For Your Siding Can Help Your House Be Environmentally Friendly

Your siding makes your house look better and protects the walls. Your siding can also help to make your house more environmentally friendly. There are several ways that this can happen. One way is to make sure that your siding has a good base.


The substrate is what goes in between the outside of your walls and the siding. The siding needs to have a nice solid base to be attached to. The right substrate not only gives the siding a secure base, it also is a way to make your house more environmentally friendly. You may have to pay a little more at the beginning, but you will save money on heating and cooling in the long run. 

Rigid foam sheathing

Sheathing is put on over the studs on the outside of the wall. It helps to insulate your house, among other things. Unlike fiberglass insulation, which can only be put in between the studs and which may sag, the rigid foam sheathing is applied over the entire wall. You can add about R 4 for every inch of thickness of rigid foam sheathing. One benefit of using this sheathing as a substrate to your siding is that you don't have to have an existing wall surface taken down in order to install it. If you want to have this sheathing put under new siding, the contractor can just put it on over the wall. 


The housewrap is a membrane that gets put over the walls of your house. It is sealed around your windows and door. The membrane acts as a moisture barrier, keeping any moisture that gets in under the siding from getting into your house. The wrap is installed over the sheathing. The housewrap helps to boost the insulating properities of your sheathing and any other insulation you may have. That's because if insulation gets wet, it will lose most of its insulating abilities. Asphalt housewrap used to be the norm, but there are now other materials which are more efficient, and which better act as a moisture and vapor barrier. 

Making sure that the substrate under your siding is as good as possible is a good first step towards making sure that your siding will not only last for a long time, but will also be environmentally friendly. After all, the first step towards having an environmentally friendly siding on your wall is to have something that will stay in good shape and last a long time.

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