Three Easy Changes That Can Help You Keep Your Heating Bills Under Control

The arrival of winter means that you'll be cranking up the heat in your home to keep you and your family in comfort. This simple change, however, can lead to a spike in your utilities bill that can be tough to swallow. The traditional advice of wearing wool socks and throwing on a sweater can help you keep your home a little cooler to save money, but there are a number of other options that you can pursue in addition to changing your wardrobe. Get the whole family on board with implementing these solutions and you'll be less stressed when it's time to open your monthly utilities bill.

Drop The Temperature At Night

If you find that your bedroom is warm at night, you're likely spending more to heat your home than is necessary. Set your thermostat to allow the heat inside your home to drop a few degrees when it's bedtime. There's no need to have the bedroom toasty and warm when you can throw another blanket over yourself and be just as comfortable -- all while saving money. The exact number of degrees by which you lower your thermostat is a matter of preference, but experimenting in this regard won't compromise your nighttime comfort and will reduce your heating costs.

Open Up The Blinds During The Day

As you've likely noticed in the summer when you're trying to keep the inside of your home cool, the rays from the sun can significantly increase the temperature inside your home. As such, it's useful to ensure that all your blinds and drapes are wide open during the day. Doing so will allow the heat from the sun to work its magic and can allow your home's temperature to rise enough that your furnace doesn't have to run as long. Get all your family members to adopt the habit of opening the blinds in the morning and closing them before bed and you'll soon see a difference in your bill.

Use Ceiling Fans Wisely

Your ceiling fans might gather dust during the winter months, but they can help heat your home if used correctly. Heat rises, and a ceiling fan set so its blades turn clockwise to push the hot air close to the ceiling back down toward the floor. This simple action can keep you and your family cozier and prevent you from having to turn the furnace up as high as you might otherwise. Run the ceiling fans in your home as needed and you'll be pleased with the result on your heating bill.

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