How To Create A Foyer With An Eclectic Theme

Are you building a new house or are you redecorating your present foyer? Either way, if you have chosen to create a foyer with an eclectic theme, you are in for a lot of fun. This type of decorating means that you can borrow ideas from different periods of history and from places all over the world. From home decor pieces to the right residential elevator, here are some ideas that might inspire you to design something unique and attractive.

The Floor - Faux-painted concrete! You can choose the look of Mexican tile, Italian marble, cobble stone, brick or even the appearance of an Oriental carpet. Besides being affordable, concrete will last forever. It's also very easy to maintain, as all you have to do is to vacuum or sweep it and then follow with a damp mop. Learn to do faux painting yourself at a craft store or at a paint store. 

A Residential Elevator - For something truly unique, purchase an elevator for your foyer from a location like Eastern Elevator CO or another business. Choose one like you'd find in charming European hotels to add to the eclectic mood you are establishing. And, for any guests or family members that aren't able to take the stairs because of health issues, having an elevator in your house will be a huge convenience. Choose an elevator that doesn't require a separate machine room so that the elevator will take less space. A residential elevator with a cab that works with air pressure like the deposit tubes at drive-through banks is a good choice. Residential elevators cost between $15,000.00 and $25,000.00. Personalize yours with your choice of art and a pretty chair.

The Walls - Faux paint your walls, too. A great look would be to give the walls the appearance of rustic wood or old brick. Another idea is to have one painted wall that your guests can sign with a felt tip marker. Ask them to write a message and to date their entry so you can preserve memories. Choose artwork from different countries to put on the walls and add lighting that will enhance each piece. Think of combining things like a mask from Venice with wooden shoes from Holland and a mantilla from Spain.

As you shop for furniture and home decor, look at antique shops, boutiques, resale shops and at world market stores to get one-of-a-kind pieces for your eclectic foyer. Provide a guest book on a table in the foyer so you can have a record of people who visit you.