4 Affordable Improvements To Renovate Your Bathroom With Modern Design

If you have an older home with bathrooms that have an outdated design that looks like something from the 70's, you may be ready for a new look. Completely remodeling your bathroom may be something that does not fit in your budget. There are other options that you may want to consider to give your bathroom a renovated look, such as adding glass shower doors or changing the vanity. Here are some affordable bathroom renovations that you may want to consider to give your bathroom a modern look:

1. Refinishing Ceramic Tile And Stone In The Bathroom

Many older bathrooms have ceramic tile or stonework. These are often materials that can be refinished to change the look of your bathroom. Stone and concrete can be changed by adding an acid stain. If you have unsightly tilework, you may want to consider talking to a tub refinishing service about changing the color of your tile with a new finish. This can be more affordable than completely replacing these materials.

2. Replace The Vanity With A Modern Style And New Sink

The vanity in your bathroom may be something that is old and hard to change with simple improvements. You can try painting it and replacing the hardware for a new look. If this does not work, modern vanities are not that expensive and can give you a chance to change the sink and faucet to give your bathroom a new look.

3. Remove Curtains In Baths And Replace Them With Glass Shower Doors

Many older bathrooms also have tubs, which may also feature a shower head. This means that they may also have dingy curtains, which constantly need to be changed and make the space seem more confined. A simple way to give your bathroom a more modern look is to contact a shower glass service and talk with them about adding doors to your shower and bath. They can also do things like add glass separators for the walls in your bathroom. For more information, contact Wildwood Glass Company Inc or a similar organization.

4. Add Modern Features Like Towel Warmers And Recessed Storage Space

When you are doing renovations to your bathroom, you may want to add some features. Towel warmers can be a great addition to your bathroom that give you comfort and modern style. You may also want to consider adding recessed storage space to the modern design of your bathroom. This can be done by adding shelving to the framing of walls.