4 Snakes Welcome In Your Home Plumbing

When you think about snakes in your plumbing, you might get a little skittish; however, there are four types of snakes that are welcomed and helpful in home plumbing. Below, you will learn a little about the four types of plumbing snakes you could find useful if your plumbing should become clogged.

The Hand Snake

The hand snake is most commonly used by homeowners. It is powered by your hands and efficiently clears many clogs in your tub and basin drains. These snakes have a handle and a long cable with an auger bit on the end to break up the debris causing the clog. After it is fed down into the drain, you crank the handle and cause the auger bit to rotate and chop up the clog.

The Toilet Snake

The toilet snake is the second snake you should have hanging in your garage. You never know when a toilet can become clogged and you really don't want to wait for a plumber to get to your house to free-up that clog, especially if it's the only toilet you have.

This type of snake is designed to open up the toilet drain without damaging the toilet. It looks much like the hand snake, but it has a shorter cable and smaller auger bit to protect the toilet.

The Motorized Hand Snake

This tool is useful in households that tend to suffer from a lot of drainage problems. Instead of the snake having a handle to rotate by hand, it has an adapter that connects to your power drill. The drill does all of the rotation work for you to quickly break up hair, grease and other difficult clog causing debris in your drains.

Just know that these motorized hand snakes are not safe to be used in toilets. It is likely to break the porcelain toilet instead of freeing up the clog.

The Motorized Drum Snake

This machine is typically used by professionals to open exterior drain pipes. They are heavy duty and are meant to break up tree roots that have perforated the drain lines. If used incorrectly, you can do a lot of damage to the drain pipes in very little time.

If you don't have any drain snakes hanging in your garage or utility closet, take a trip to your local plumbing supply store like Kelly's Pipe & Supply Company and talk with the professional about getting prepared for the unwanted and unplanned clogs that can happen at any given time.