Using Landscape Stone And Gravel To Boost A Home's Style

Curb appeal is a very underrated aspect of a home and you can boost this appeal by adding a variety of landscape stones and gravel projects to the yard. Understanding the available landscaping stones, the typical price of installation, and landscaping stone projects can help you decide if you want to invest in gravel and landscaping stones.

Available Stones

One of the coolest things about landscaping stones and gravel projects is that there are so many different types of stones to use. This helps you create a variety of projects using different stones in different areas of the yard.

While there are a wide variety of landscaping stones and gravel that you can use, these four are useful for a variety of projects:

  • Decorative pebbles – Small pebbles generally used as decorative borders or pathways.
  • Boulders – Larger stones that create an instantly identifiable style.
  • Pavers – Flat stones you can lay in the grass to make flooring.
  • Retaining Walls – Stone walls that are used to keep soil on one side and to blend in with the landscape around it.

Personal Price Investment

The variety of stones available for landscaping projects means that prices will vary wildly for a project. However, has calculated the average costs associated with a landscaping stone and gravel project, breaking it down in several categories:

  • Pricing for decorative rock of uniform shape and color – $797.64-$879.59 per seven tons
  • Installation labor – $47.77-$241.59 per three hours of work
  • Soil and fertilizer – $52.01-$59.79 per six tons
  • Installation equipment cost – $33.75-$47.25

Naturally, the cost investment will also vary depending on how many tons of stone and gravel you need for your project. Smaller projects (such as a walkway) may require fewer tonnage than a full gravel driveway.

Projects That Utilize These Stones

The wide variety of landscaping stones helps offer you create multiple projects that will improve the style of your home. Try to utilize multiple stone and project types to create a more diverse and engaging style. Typical projects that you can create with landscaping stones and gravel include:

  • Outdoor flooring
  • Home steps
  • Sidewalks
  • Entryways
  • Driveways
  • Breakwalls
  • Natural stone fences

Try to integrate your stones with the surroundings of the yard to create a more natural look. For example, you could lay bushes alongside your rock wall or sidewalk to give it a greener and more appealing look.

Whatever project and stone type you use, remember to call a landscaping stone and gravel expert before beginning. They can help streamline the process and execute it in a simple and effective manner. Contact a company like Purdy Topsoil & Gravel​ for more info.