3 Signs Your AC Is Losing Refrigerant

Many people rely on the cold air produced by an air conditioner to maintain a comfortable temperature inside their homes during the warm summer months. Your air conditioner utilizes a refrigerant to help produce this cool air, so any leaks within the AC's system could compromise your access to cooled air.

Here are three signs to be watching for that could signal your AC is losing refrigerant.

1. A hissing sound coming from your AC unit.

One easy way to identify a possible refrigerant loss is to listen to your AC unit while it is running. Many of the leaks within an AC unit are simply small holes in the rubber lines used to transport refrigerant throughout the AC's system.

As the high-pressure refrigerant gas escapes through these small holes, a hissing sound will be produced. If you hear a hissing sound while your AC is running, contact a repair technician to check for refrigerant leaks.

2. Higher air temperature.

Another simple way to identify a possible refrigerant leak within your AC unit is to carefully evaluate the temperature of the air coming through your home's vents on a hot summer day.

The refrigerant is responsible for helping to cool air as it passes through your AC, so a unit struggling with refrigerant loss will not be able to produce air that is as cold as it should be. If the air coming through your home's vents doesn't feel as cool as you think it should, contact an HVAC professional to check your AC unit for potential sources of refrigerant loss.

3. Ice on the coils inside your AC unit.

Conducting a visual inspection of the coils inside your AC unit can be another simple way to identify a potential problem with refrigerant loss. As refrigerant leaks out through holes in the rubber tubes inside your AC unit, the remaining refrigerant will struggle to absorb enough heat from the incoming air to turn it into a warm gas.

This struggle results in the refrigerant staying a lot colder than it should, which can lead to a buildup of ice along the coils inside your AC unit. If you see ice beginning to form inside your AC, contact a repair technician to identify the source of your refrigerant leak.

Keeping your AC unit's refrigerant levels high will help you enjoy more comfortable indoor temperatures this summer. Check for hissing sounds, an increase in air temperature, and ice on the coils of your AC when trying to determine if your unit is experiencing refrigerant loss, then contact a company like Borter Heating & Air Conditioning Co to address the problem.