Have A Bee Problem In Your Trees? What To Know

If the trees around your property have some tree cavities and there are bees that have burrowed inside, you'll want to take care of the problem fast. Not only do you not want bees around the home because they can sting and cause other annoyances, but they can also start to do significant damage to the trees. Here are a few of the experts you want to call as soon as you find the bees and notice they are living inside the tree.

Pest Control

Have pest control come to spray around the property, so you can eliminate the bees that are burrowing around your home. The best control experts can show you where your house is vulnerable for the bees to swarm and get inside, and will help apply repellent and kill the existing bees and nests that can be found. Treating the bees can also help keep other insects away as well. You'll want to have the pest control team come back to the property during season changes to spray for bees that may try to come back.

Tree Trimming Experts

Are there tree branches that are rotted because the bees have burrowed and have hives that are causing a problem? You don't want to risk disrupting the bees and getting harmed, and you don't want to get injured trying to do the tree trimming on your own. You'll want to have tree trimmers like Northern Virginia Tree Experts, Inc. remove all the damaged branches and debris.

If the tree has to be removed, make sure the tree trimmer also does stump removal. A rotting stump or stump with a cavity could be the cause for more bees to come to the property, and it's also an eye sore and a safety concern for the property.

If the bees have done damage to the wood deck or wood window casings around your home, or other wood areas, replace the wood to make sure that the bees don't try to burrow in their old holes and homes. There are many types of bees that can be a problem around your home, and you don't want to run the risk of getting stung every time you go outside, or when they get inside your house, because you didn't take proper care of the bees when you noticed there was an issue. If bees are a problem throughout the area, talk with your neighbors about treating their problem too.