After a Heavy Snowfall, You May Wish to Hire a Roofing Contractor

A heavy snowfall can certainly appear picturesque, but it also presents some potential problems for your home. If your roof is covered in a thick layer of snow, it may be a good idea to call a roofing contractor and schedule a visit. While the snow should ideally slide off the roof before long, snow that remains in this position is a cause for concern. Your roofing contractor will set up a ladder, climb onto the roof, and begin clearing it. This can be a challenging job with an element of danger that you don't want to tackle yourself. Here's why it's a good idea to have a roofing contractor clear the snow off your roof.

Concerns Over Blocked Vents

The roof of your home has a series of vents that must remain unblocked so that air can flow freely through them. When a thick blanket of snow covers the roof, especially if the snow is heavy or contains ice, these vents can be blocked. This can prevent air from the attic from exiting your home, and that can be problematic. For example, if the air inside the attic is humid, mildew can potentially begin to grow and lead to a major problem by the time the snow melts. By having your roofing contractor remove the snow, including the snow around the vents, you'll avoid this problem.

Problems with Weight

A wet snowfall is very heavy, which means that the roof might be struggling under a significant added weight following a snowfall. In extreme conditions, the weight of the snow may cause the roof sheathing to begin to sag in certain areas. A sagging roof is a major concern, as it can cause the shingles to warp, which will allow water to seep through the roof. This is apt to occur as early as the springtime when the snow melts.

Potential Risk for Those Below

When you hire a roofing contractor to remove the snow from your roof, he or she will do so in a controlled manner. This is preferable to having large chunks of the snow slide off the roof at unexpected times. This situation can be highly dangerous for your children who are playing in the yard and may also pose a risk to members of the public if your house is close to the sidewalk. You don't want anyone to be injured as a result of the snow on your roof, so having it removed by your roofing contractor is a good idea.