Sliding, Diving, Playing, And More: Choosing Accessories For Pool Fun

If you're about to have a pool installed and are choosing all the features now, like the shape and whether or not you'll have a jacuzzi, don't forget the other fun accessories you can have installed. Sometimes these are not really going to interest you, but other times they can be great to have, especially if you have kids who are reluctant to get in the pool. You don't have to load up the pool with features, nor do you have to have ones that everyone else in the neighborhood has. Customize your pool for the enjoyment of your family, not anyone else.

Pool Size

Some features, like sides and diving boards, need a lot of room. Kids, especially, like to cannonball off diving boards and try to gain air when they fly off the end of the slide. You don't want them crashing into the side of the pool, obviously. If you're getting fairly narrow pool, a slide or diving board might not be appropriate. However, something like a net for water volleyball or a small hoop along the side for makeshift games of basketball in the water, could be a lot of fun, and these don't require a lot of space. Look for nets that retract, too, so you don't have to worry about removing the entire net when you're done playing with it, which can be a pain.


Anything that's not permanent -- anything that needs to be put away at the end of the swim session -- is not good if you're admittedly lazy. There's nothing wrong with that; sometimes people just don't want to deal with cleaning things up after a swim. After all, you were trying to relax, and now you have to remove a net and scoop up poolsafe balls. In this case, things like those nets and hoops might not be good, but a permanent feature like a diving board (assuming the pool is big enough) will work.

Absolute Need and Frequency of Use

Take a look at why the feature seems interesting to you. Do you want a pool slide because you liked them as a kid? Are you or your family going to use it now? If not, there's no sense in getting it. However, if you know you're going to hog the slide and use it daily, go for it! Another reason to get fun features like these is that sometimes these are what tempt nervous kids into the water. The slide looks like so much fun that they finally take that first step into the pool. In that case, features like slides, basketball-type hoops, and more can be absolutely necessary.

There are lots of features you could add to the pool to make swimming even more fun than it is already. Talk to pool contractors like those at Nassau Pools Construction Inc about the options they offer and how much the features would cost.