Specialty Equipment You Can Rent To Make You Job Easier

Taking on a construction project at home can be very rewarding but if you need special equipment that you don't have, you may want to consider renting it from a local equipment rental company. From small tools to heavy equipment, these companies offer many of the common tools and equipment that are just too cost prohibitive for the average homeowner to purchase themselves.

Cement Mixer Rental

Cement work is often part of a construction project. Adding footings, pouring a patio, or just filling around fence post, requires a lot of cement to be mixed. It would not make sense to buy a cement mixer for one job like this but you can rent one for a day or a weekend at most equipment rental companies. Use the mixer for as long as you need then return it when you are done. The amount of time you save mixing bags of cement may just be worth the cost of renting the mixer.  

Skidsteer Loaders and Small Tractors

If you need a small backhoe or skid steer loader for your project, renting one is a great option. Check with the rental company about delivery and pickup options as many offer this service and will even go over the controls and operation of the equipment with you. If you are renting a piece of equipment that is different from one you have used in the past, ask about unfamiliar controls before you leave with it.

Jackhammers and Demolition Tools

When it is time to break up that old patio or driveway, renting a jackhammer and compressor could be the way to go. While it is still hard work to break up large areas of concrete, this tool will make the job easier. Some rental companies will offer electronic versions as well but they do not have as much power as the air driven units. If you have never used a jackhammer, get a little instruction from the shop and be ready for a real workout.

Ditch Digging Machines

Digging a long, straight ditch just wide enough for wires, cables, or pipes is a little tough. If the ditch is very long, it is also time consuming, but you could rent a ditch digging machine that looks a little like an oversize chainsaw. Once the machine is set up, you just need to drive along and let the machine dig the trench for you. These machines are available at most equipment rental companies and can save many hours and make the job of trenching or digging a ditch a one man job. Contact a company like A-1 Rental to get started.