Insulating Your Attic

You may be shocked to learn that a great deal of the heat that you think is inside your home is, in fact, rising and leaving the house through your attic. If you want to cut heating costs and keep your living space cozy, you'll need to ensure that the attic is always properly insulated. Working on an insulation project yourself can be done, but you've got to adhere to the suggestions here to do it right:

Choose Appropriate Type

All insulation is not the same; if you're going to handle this on your own, you've got to begin by selecting the appropriate type. Pre-cut batts, for example, are wise if you only want to reinforce a particular small area. If you want to stack more insulation on top of existing layers, unfaced insulation can be effective. If you have concerns about moisture, faced insulation has brown kraft paper barriers to block moisture. You might want to ask a retailer or insulation contractor which is best.

Check for Asbestos

If you aren't absolutely sure that the insulation in your attic doesn't contain asbestos, you should not begin. Asbestos insulation is fine until it is torn or ripped; then you and your family are at risk for inhaling those fibers, which can be a major factor in mesothelioma, a type of cancer. Ask a professional to check for asbestos if you're unsure and have it removed professionally if you have to.

Place Barriers Properly

When you are using insulation that has paper or plastic moisture barriers, laying them properly ensure that they function well. A mistake can mean that moisture becomes trapped; if that happens, your fears about improper ventilation and mold growth could very well occur. To avoid that, barriers must always lay with the plastic or paper facing down; you should always be looking at the pinkish insulation fibers. Double check your work so that there aren't errors.

Wear Proper Gear

It should always be noted that you need to care for yourself properly when you plan to do work with insulation. If not, you could end up causing trouble for your health. Get some goggles and a good face mask so that you can breathe without breathing in particles. Wear gloves to protect your hands as well.

With attention to attic insulation, you should soon start feeling more comfortable throughout the house. Contact an insulation contractor who can assess existing insulation, provide pointers and complete the job if it's a bigger one than you expect.