Finishing The Basement: Five Tips

Once settling into a home, you may want to tackle the basement and finish the space so that you can have additional room for the family. Ensure you consider these tips while working on the project:

Talk to Local Officials

Your town may require that you ask about the various building permits and zoning issues before finishing the basement at all. Zoning may dictate that a dedicated exit is provided if you plan to finish your basement, or there could be requirements about electrical fixtures and the addition of another bathroom. Before you plan out the space too much in your mind, talk with zoning and building officials about restrictions and requirements so you can factor them into your project.

Address Water Issues

Many basements have water issues that must be considered when finishing the space. Look for cracks, puddles, and other minor problems now so you can seal those gaps and fix those problems before water ruins an installed carpet or other improvements. Even after you've resolved these issues, it's still smart to install some kind of vapor barrier on the wall surfaces to provide the space with more protection. You might also consider water-resistant paint for the walls and floors.

Get Proper Tools

If you plan to put up drywall or some kind of panels on top of the concrete walls in the space, remember that regular nails are unlikely to work. You'll have to investigate different anchors and/or fasteners for this kind of work; do this early on in planning so that you can factor in the costs of these materials when estimating what the entire project is going to cost you.

Consider Colored Floor Epoxy

While checking out water-resistant paint for the basement's concrete floor, look into colored epoxy that you can use to give the space a vibrant, unusual look. Colored epoxy can be especially useful for finishing the space if you have lingering concerns about water or don't want to install a carpet.

Ignore the Furnace or Water Heater

Since you're improving the entire basement, your eye may turn to the space or room that houses the furnace, water heater or other appliances. Be advised your town may have specific requirements for these kinds of areas and you may need to have an inspection of the space during and after working on it. To eliminate the additional hassle, you may opt to leave that alone.

Working on the basement can pay off by utilizing these suggestions. Contact a professional basement finishing company like Winston Brown Construction if you'd like more help.