Things An Engineering Contractor Includes In A Plot Plan For Your New Home

If you're planning to build a new home, then you probably know how important it is to have the plans examined and approved by a structural engineer so the home is built safely. What you may not realize is that you also need an engineer to prepare a plot plan for your home. This job is done by a civil engineer. Here are some important things an engineering contractor includes in the plan to make sure the plot is code compliant and ready for your new home.

Notes How Water Drains From The Property

One important job is to ensure the lot drains well. This could entail bringing in dirt or removing it to alter the slope of the lot. Drainage is important because if the lot drains well, you can avoid problems with a wet basement and foundation problems. Before knowing how the lot will drain, the engineer first has to decide on the positioning of the house on the lot. The elevation of the land and local zoning laws are taken into consideration along with orientation of the entrance.

Identifies Boundaries

The plot map of your property will include the lot lines. Identifying these is important for avoiding disputes with neighbors or local authorities. In addition to finding the boundary lines on your property, the engineer marks setback areas and easements. You'll want to know where these areas are because you can't build on them. You'll need to place your fence inside these areas so they are not blocked, or you may have to remove them later.

Determines Utility Line Access

An engineer determines how the utility lines affect building on your property. The lines are marked before you build so you won't have to remove a shed or driveway to put in a water or sewer line. Knowing where the utilities will be located helps determine where you can build on your property and it may help decide where to place things such as air conditioners, backup generators, or a septic tank.

The plot plan is an important document you'll need throughout the ownership of your home. Your home builder will consult it when constructing your home and you can refer to it years later if you want to add on a sunroom or swimming pool. The plan can even be used by a landscaper to determine the proper placement of trees and landscaping so they don't interfere with lot drainage.

Once an engineering contractor has developed your plot plan, you'll need to have it approved by your local codes office to make sure it complies with all local codes concerning placement of utility lines, location of the driveway, and setback area of the house. Once that's done, your building contractor is ready to start construction of your new home.

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