Retractable Screens Help You Create A Private Screen Room On Your Patio

If you'd like to add screens to your covered patio, but you're not sure if you want them blocking your view all the time, you may be interested in learning about retractable screens. They roll down when you want to turn your patio into a screen room, and they roll up when you want an unobstructed view from your patio or from indoors through the windows. Here are some things to know.

The Screens Are Motorized

You can control the screens with a remote control, so they are easy to lower and raise. The top of the screen mounts just under the roof, so when the screen is in the up position, it is out of sight and doesn't affect the view. These screens are ideal if your patio faces the water or a nature scene and you enjoy looking at it from your windows indoors, and you don't want the screen in your way. When you're ready to go outside for relaxing or dining, you can use the remote to lower the screens and turn your patio into an instant screen room.

The Screens Have Several Benefits

One important benefit of having screens around your patio is to keep out bugs. This allows you to enjoy being outdoors in the evening without worrying about mosquitoes. You can buy screens that provide some shade and block UV rays too. These still allow air to flow through, but by blocking the sun, they keep the patio cooler. The benefits of blocking the sun and UV rays can extend to the inside of your home too by keeping the sun from shining through your patio doors. Another benefit of screens around your patio is privacy. If you don't like your neighbors seeing you as you sit on your patio, then you'll appreciate how the screens can block their view. While you can see out of the screens easily, it is difficult to see inside them from a distance.

Retractable Screens Are For Windows And Doors Too

Retractable screens on a patio are ideal for creating a temporary screen room; you can also buy these screens that fit on doors and windows. They can scroll up or sideways to fit over the opening just like a traditional screen, but when you want it out of the way, you can retract the screen, so there is nothing to block your view through your clear window glass. If you have an excellent view from your windows, then retractable screens could be something you want to consider so you can take advantage of the view when you prefer, and utilize the privacy, shade, and UV protection from the screen when it's needed.