Restore Your Basketball Court So That It Provides A Fully Functional And Safe Area To Play

If you recently purchased a home and adjoining basketball court, you may be anxious to use the court to shoot some hoops with your kids. If the basketball court was poorly maintained in the past, cleaning the court, unclogging the drain, and having the playing area resurfaced will provide you and your kids with a fully functional and safe area to play.

Tackle The Cleaning Task

Use a blower to move leaves, twigs, and dirt across the court's surface. A push broom can also be used to complete this step, but it may take you a little bit longer to clean the surface. Most courts contain an asphalt or concrete base that is covered with an acrylic coating. Purchase a product that is formulated for acrylic surfaces. Use this product to remove oily or sticky stains that have formed.

If water caused small fissures or cracks in the acrylic coating, a court patch binder should be used to fill the marred portions of the court. Since it will be difficult to apply the product evenly to each depression, use a scraper to remove patch binder if you add too much.

Check Out The Drain And Prune Branches

A drain will be located along one side of the court. When a court is first installed, the slab of asphalt or concrete is slightly sloped on one side so that rainwater is directed toward the drain. Use your bare hands or a small shovel to scoop up leaves that are blocking the drain.

If debris appears to be clogging the drain and a puddle has formed over the drain's cover, use a plumber's snake to extricate the materials. Take notice of tree or shrub branches that are within close proximity of the drain. They could be contributing to drain blockages. Use pruning shears to cut back branches that could cause subsequent blockages.

Resurface The Court

If the colors and lines on the court have faded and the acrylic surface contains rough patches, court resurfacing services are necessary. You need to decide if you want the acrylic surface to be a light or dark color. Think about the appearance associated with each type. A lighter color will reflect the sun and will contrast well with the color of the ball, hoop, and striping that is added to the court.

A darker color will absorb more heat from the sun but will camouflage dirty surfaces in between cleaning sessions. Purchase a kit that contains diagrams, instructions, ready mix acrylic resurfacer, tape, and a line tape applicator. If you do not feel optimistic about resurfacing the court or are lacking the time to tackle a project like this, hire a contractor to complete the resurfacing steps.