Reasons Your Home's Paint Didn't Last Long And Steps Professional Painters Use For The Best Results

It's difficult to predict how often you'll need to paint the exterior of your house since many factors affect how long paint lasts. However, one thing's for sure—you'll have to paint your home sooner or later unless you have siding that never needs it. Here's a look at the things that can cause your paint job to fail too soon and the importance of proper preparation.

Reasons Your Exterior Paint Didn't Last Very Long

If you painted your home a few years ago and it's already peeling and blistering, that could indicate your house wasn't prepped properly before the new paint was applied. In any case, peeling paint is an eyesore, so you'll have to have your home painted again. If the paint job that failed was a DIY effort, then consider hiring a painting service to repair the damage and paint your house so the paint lasts for several years.

If you painted your old house on paint that was failing and didn't scrape off the old paint well enough, then the new paint will crack and peel much sooner. Also, not using primer or not applying multiple coats can affect how long the paint lasts. While high-quality paint is more expensive, it's also longer lasting and usually worth the price so your paint won't crack, blister, or peel too soon.

Steps Professionals Use To Get The Best Results

If paint is cracked and peeled off in certain areas, you don't want to delay having your home painted. Paint protects the wood from rain and UV rays, and without paint covering it, the wood siding on your home can be damaged. Repairing this damage is one of the steps involved in getting your home ready to paint. If you or the painter has to take time to repair wood problems, then that prolongs the time and cost of the paint job.

When old paint is in bad shape, it has to be removed so the new paint has a smooth and stable surface. This could involve using a pressure washer or by hand scraping. In addition to getting rid of all loose and cracked paint, the sides of your house must be washed to get rid of dust and dirt that could interfere with the new paint adhering well. Your painter may take weather conditions into account when timing your paint job too, since paint should be applied during a certain temperature and humidity range depending on the type of paint used.

Once professionals have prepped and painted your home with high-quality paint, your house will have a fresh appearance that can last a long time with maintenance. Some things you can do are wash the siding every year or so to get rid of dirt and pollution, trim away branches and bushes that scrape against the paint or block airflow, and do touch-ups to the paint as needed. Have the painters leave some paint with you so you can use the same brand and color when touch-ups are needed.

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