What Goes Into Planning A Building Demolition?

Bringing down a building can be an extremely complicated process. Depending on various factors, a lot of planning and calculation will typically go into the demolition process to ensure that the result is successful.

A demolition can only be considered successful if the building falls as was planned and there are no injuries or damage to the nearby structures. Demolition contractors all have to make plans for what comes after the building has been brought down. At the end of the day, there are many plans that have to be made before any work begins.

Surveying the Building

This is the first step of the demolition planning process. It involves gathering as much information as possible about the building and its environs. This process seeks to answer questions such as:

  • What type of material was used to construct the building?

  • What was the building used for?

  • Are there toxic, hazardous, radioactive, or explosive materials inside or near the building?

  • How does water drain in the area and can flooding, pollution, or erosion occur later?

  • Does the building share any structures with nearby buildings?

  • How sensitive is the nearby neighborhood to noise, dust, and other problems that may be caused by the demolition?

  • Is there heavy traffic on nearby roads?

Structural Surveys

These surveys are performed to identify the construction methods used and the conditions of the structures within the building. The overall condition of the building also needs to be assessed since it may not be safe to be working or walking in some parts of the building.

Setting Up a Demolition Plan

Once the surveys have been completed, a complete demolition plan will need to be prepared. This is the plan that will indicate what processes are to be used and information such as:

  1. The location of the structure being brought down

  2. The distance of the structure from nearby structures, roads, and even outdoor furniture

  3. The systems supporting the building

  4. A detailed procedure for demolishing the building and the methods that will be used

  5. Safety measures that have been taken to protect the workers and the public

  6. How the debris will be handled after the demolition process is completed

  7. How long it will take to complete the demolition and clean up

Before a plan can be made, a survey must first be done. The plan must also indicate how hazardous materials will be removed are handled before the demolition starts.

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