Buying A Home? Ask A Plumber To Review The Disclosure Form

Dealing with plumbing problems isn't enjoyable when you live in a near-perfect home. Nothing would be worse than moving into a recently purchased property and discovering the plumbing has scores of costly problems. Property sales come with disclosure requirements where the seller tells the buyer about problems and needed repairs. Discussing these issues with a plumber before making a final purchasing decision could make sense.

Don't Make Any Self-Determinations on Disclosures

If the disclosure form reveals leaks or non-working valves, don't make any assumptions about what repairs will cost. Perhaps you previously paid for similar repairs at your prior residence and paint a picture in your head about expenses. Drawing a picture in your head isn't the same as requesting an expert to make a professional assessment. For example, a valve that doesn't work may be placed in an area challenging to repair. Maybe cutting a piece of the wall out is necessary for fixing the valve. Costs go up when repairs require additional work.

Damage Could Be More Extensive

Checking on a minor problem with the pipes could reveal significant problems that otherwise wouldn't be noticeable. The property owner might not even know how serious things are. So, the full scope of the repairs remains unknown. A leaky pipe could cause a significant mold problem. If the leak is behind the drywall, you may only see the water stains on it. When a plumber cuts the drywall to explore the leak further, the mold infestation reveals itself. Such plumbing-caused problems require extensive work to repair. Damaged wooden support beams may need replacing, which is a costly job requiring the work of a contractor. Mold infestations could be even more expensive to fix. Once again, making personal assumptions doesn't deliver the same results. Ask a plumber to check things out.

Acquire an Inspection and Estimate

Hand the disclosure form to the plumber. Hopefully, the plumber uses the disclosure form as a map to check out the obvious, admitted problem. Take the added step of requesting the plumber to perform a complete inspection of the interior and exterior plumbing lines. Upon completing the examination, the plumber could present an estimate for the repair work.

An Option Opens

When the plumbing expenses appear too costly, the home sale may find itself in jeopardy. The seller may look at the costs of the plumbing work and agree to pay for them. Someone wishing to sell a home quickly could absorb the plumbing expenses to close the deal.

For more information, talk to a plumber in your area.