Pool Pump Repair Tips: What You Should Know

The pool pump attached to your swimming pool is an important part of your pool system. If your swimming pool pump isn't working properly, your pool could end up green, murky, and full of algae. Over time, that algae will build up and stain the liner, eventually eating through the liner and leaving you with holes. Your pump needs proper care and maintenance. It will also need repairs throughout its lifetime. Read on for repair tips for your swimming pool pump.

No Water In The Pump

If your pool pump is taking in air rather than water, it may be due to a low water level. Your water level should be at least halfway up to the top of the skimmer opening. If it's any less than that, it could end up taking in air. When this happens and it isn't getting water, it could blow the motor in the pump. Air can also get into the pump if there is a blockage in the skimmer opening. Be sure you don't have any smaller pool toys blocking the skimmer opening, which can cause a block in the water going to the pump. Keep this area free and clear. Another issue may be a clog in the skimmer basket. When you have too much debris in the basket, it can also cause air to get into the pump. Be sure to empty the basket daily.

No Power To The Pump

If your pump isn't turning on, it may not be plugged in. Check that it is plugged in properly. If this wasn't the case, check the power at the breaker box to be sure one of the breakers didn't pop. if the breaker wasn't the issue, you can also check the outlet where you plug in the pump. If none of these were the problem, it may be an issue with the motor in the pump. Make sure there is water in the pump by opening up the lid to the pump and allow any air inside to escape. If you continue to have problems, contact a swimming pool repair company for help with your pump.

The pump on your swimming pool is an important part of your pool. Without it, you would not be able to pump out any dirty water. You would have dirty water, filled with algae and bacteria. If you aren't able to repair your pump on your own, hire a professional to help you make the repairs. Contact a service, like All-American Pools, to learn more.