3 Unique Places To Find Scrap Metal

Landfill space is becoming more limited, prompting many people to consider the benefits of recycling. Scrap metal can be recycled and used to create new products consumers find useful. Cashing in on scrap metal can be a great way to generate some extra income. Sourcing your scrap metal can be the most challenging aspect of recycling used metal products. Think outside the box to discover some unique places where scrap metal might be available. [Read More]

Retractable Screens Help You Create A Private Screen Room On Your Patio

If you'd like to add screens to your covered patio, but you're not sure if you want them blocking your view all the time, you may be interested in learning about retractable screens. They roll down when you want to turn your patio into a screen room, and they roll up when you want an unobstructed view from your patio or from indoors through the windows. Here are some things to know. [Read More]

How To Use Trusses In Your Building Project And Still Have Attic Or Loft Space

Many homeowners are interested in using trusses for the construction of a new home because they speed up construction and offer greater strength and wider spans than rafters can safely achieve. However, it's a wrongful assumption that choosing trusses means giving up on a loft space or attic storage area. By choosing the right type of trusses and altering your home's design slightly, you can create useful space without compromising the strength of the roof. [Read More]

The Pros And Cons Of Replacing Your Gutter System At The Same Time You Replace Your Roof

When you are having your roof replaced, you may find yourself wondering if you should also have your gutters replaced at the same time. Roofing contractors are able to repair, remove and replace gutter systems at the same time your new roof is going on. There are pros and cons to having this system replaced at the same time that your roofing is being replaced. Taking the time to educate yourself on these pros and cons allows you to decide if doing so is right in your situation. [Read More]