Pool Pump Repair Tips: What You Should Know

The pool pump attached to your swimming pool is an important part of your pool system. If your swimming pool pump isn't working properly, your pool could end up green, murky, and full of algae. Over time, that algae will build up and stain the liner, eventually eating through the liner and leaving you with holes. Your pump needs proper care and maintenance. It will also need repairs throughout its lifetime. [Read More]

Buying A Home? Ask A Plumber To Review The Disclosure Form

Dealing with plumbing problems isn't enjoyable when you live in a near-perfect home. Nothing would be worse than moving into a recently purchased property and discovering the plumbing has scores of costly problems. Property sales come with disclosure requirements where the seller tells the buyer about problems and needed repairs. Discussing these issues with a plumber before making a final purchasing decision could make sense. Don't Make Any Self-Determinations on Disclosures [Read More]

What Goes Into Planning A Building Demolition?

Bringing down a building can be an extremely complicated process. Depending on various factors, a lot of planning and calculation will typically go into the demolition process to ensure that the result is successful. A demolition can only be considered successful if the building falls as was planned and there are no injuries or damage to the nearby structures. Demolition contractors all have to make plans for what comes after the building has been brought down. [Read More]

Reasons Your Home's Paint Didn't Last Long And Steps Professional Painters Use For The Best Results

It's difficult to predict how often you'll need to paint the exterior of your house since many factors affect how long paint lasts. However, one thing's for sure—you'll have to paint your home sooner or later unless you have siding that never needs it. Here's a look at the things that can cause your paint job to fail too soon and the importance of proper preparation. Reasons Your Exterior Paint Didn't Last Very Long [Read More]