Starting A Retail Business: Steps To Take Before Your Doors Open

When people think about opening a retail shop, they tend to forget all of those little details needed before opening day. Do not be one of those people. Instead, do the following steps so that all your ducks are in a row before your doors open. Visit Commercial Permitting Services Operating a business within the community is very different from operating a home-based business or an online business. You need all kinds of permits to do what you want to do, regardless of the type of business. [Read More]

Things An Engineering Contractor Includes In A Plot Plan For Your New Home

If you're planning to build a new home, then you probably know how important it is to have the plans examined and approved by a structural engineer so the home is built safely. What you may not realize is that you also need an engineer to prepare a plot plan for your home. This job is done by a civil engineer. Here are some important things an engineering contractor includes in the plan to make sure the plot is code compliant and ready for your new home. [Read More]

Finishing The Basement: Five Tips

Once settling into a home, you may want to tackle the basement and finish the space so that you can have additional room for the family. Ensure you consider these tips while working on the project: Talk to Local Officials Your town may require that you ask about the various building permits and zoning issues before finishing the basement at all. Zoning may dictate that a dedicated exit is provided if you plan to finish your basement, or there could be requirements about electrical fixtures and the addition of another bathroom. [Read More]

How To Decide On A Patio Design

Having a patio is a great expression of someone's style and a way to get guests and family all together in one place. Patios can be big or small and can incorporate nearly any feature a homeowner desires. Picking the right place to put your patio can be easy, but knowing which design to go with is a little harder. If you are a homeowner who wants to add a patio to the backyard, you may be wondering how to get started. [Read More]