How To Make The Most Of Your Headed Stud Anchor Bolts

If you are like most contractors, you only really use your headed stud anchor bolts for bolting steel beams together. However, these bolts can do so much more than that, especially since you are able to remove them with a pneumatic-torque socket wrench (unless you stud-weld them in, but that's another story). Here is how to get the most of this kind of anchor bolt so that you can capitalize on its strength as well as its functionality. [Read More]

3 Signs Your AC Is Losing Refrigerant

Many people rely on the cold air produced by an air conditioner to maintain a comfortable temperature inside their homes during the warm summer months. Your air conditioner utilizes a refrigerant to help produce this cool air, so any leaks within the AC's system could compromise your access to cooled air. Here are three signs to be watching for that could signal your AC is losing refrigerant. 1. A hissing sound coming from your AC unit. [Read More]

How To Troubleshoot A Noisy Window Air Conditioner

Window air conditioners provide targeted cooling to small rooms and are ideal for apartments and small homes. However, over time, they can become noisy to the point of being disruptive, for a variety of reasons ranging from age to actual damage. If your window air conditioner has become particularly noisy, there are a number of things you can look at to attempt to identify and solve the problem. Bent Blades Noisy operation within a window air conditioner is often because of fan blades which have become bent out of shape, hitting the interior of the unit or causing the entire air conditioner to become unbalanced. [Read More]

A Few Questions About Preventing Basement Water Damage Answered

A water damaged basement can represent a sizable threat to your home. Unfortunately, this can be a fairly common problem for homeowners to need to address, but many new homeowners may not have the experience or knowledge needed to adequately understand or initiate solutions for this threat. To this end, learning the following few basement waterproofing questions should provide you with greater insight into this routine home improvement project. Why Is The Basement Developing Water Damage? [Read More]