Why Are There Fuzzy White Spots On Your Tree's Leaves?

Are you noticing small, white, slightly fuzzy spots on the undersides of your tree's leaves? Chances are, you're dealing with a case of downy leaf spot. The good news is that in terms of fungal diseases that trees can develop, this is a pretty minor one. The bad news is that because downy leaf spot can weaken the tree and leave it susceptible to other, possibly deadly diseases, you do have to take action and treat it. [Read More]

How To Fix Wooden Garage Door Panels

Wooden garage doors are a stylish and important design element on your house. Since the garage door is often the first thing people see, you obviously want to make sure yours is well kept. However, over the years the panels can fade, lose their waterproof finish, and (worst of all) get hit and dented by a car. In some cases, only one or two of the panels will actually be damaged. [Read More]

Using Landscape Stone And Gravel To Boost A Home's Style

Curb appeal is a very underrated aspect of a home and you can boost this appeal by adding a variety of landscape stones and gravel projects to the yard. Understanding the available landscaping stones, the typical price of installation, and landscaping stone projects can help you decide if you want to invest in gravel and landscaping stones. Available Stones One of the coolest things about landscaping stones and gravel projects is that there are so many different types of stones to use. [Read More]

Why You Should Look Over Your House Plans With An Electrical Contractor Before Finalizing Them

While designing your home, you might have used a host of resources to design it and make your plans perfect. You might have used a software program to help you design your floor plan, or you may have sat down with an architect to come up with the perfect plan. One person who you might not have worked with yet, however, is an electrical contractor. You might assume that you can talk to an electrician once you are at the building stage, but it's actually best to work with an electrical contractor before finalizing your plans. [Read More]